Veronica’s Voice

Why are we ‘saving’ Veronica? We are saving her rights – rights that were ignored on December 31, 2011. On New Year’s Eve 2011, the Capobianco family, their extended family and friends were forced to hand their adopted daughter over to her biological father – a man that abandoned the birth mother.

Additionally, after Veronica was born he signed a legal document stating he would not contest the adoption. Four months after the baby was born, he changed his mind. At this point Veronica was settled into her home and the Capobiancos were relishing every moment raising their daughter – all while still having a wonderful relationship with the birth mother – allowing her to also be a part of Veronica’s life. The adoption was an open adoption and everything about this particular story couldn’t have been more perfect. Now, she’s over a thousand miles from home.

Veronica deserves to be with her family – the only family she has ever known. Please support us and help bring Veronica home and ensure this doesn’t happen to another child!